Fred + Elzo // Anniversary Legacy Session // Cascade, Idaho

The blending of time and love create something more beautiful than can be imagined. Old love. Old love has seen ups and downs. Old love has given and received forgiveness and grace. Old love has been patient and kind. The only thing more beautiful than young love is old love.

59 years of marriage looks so lovely on these two. We loved spending the evening with Fred, Elzo and their 1926 Dodge Brothers Business Sudan that was Fred’s grandfathers and has been with them through all those years of marriage.

These two are an inspiration to so many that love and know them. It was such an honor to document them in this beautiful season of love. We wanted to share a little bit of their story of love. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did!

“On Fred and Elzo’s first date, Fred charmed Elzo with his dancing skills and Elzo charmed Fred with their first kiss. Fred immediately knew that Elzo was the one for him. “

“Fred proposed to Elzo shortly after they met when they were sitting on a park bench by the river. He proposed many times, but Elzo kept saying that she was too old for him. Fred was shocked when Elzo finally said “yes” many dates later. It was the best “yes” Elzo ever said. “

“Fred moved very fast and got Elzo to the altar before she could change her mind. They simply packed a bag and drove to Nevada. They were a little short on money and stopped at Jackpot on the way to Elko. Fred hit the jackpot which gave them the money for an extra night on their honeymoon. Marriage was one of the best steps of their lives.”

“Elzo says that the most important and rewarding fabric of life consists of the relationships we build and maintain with God and with one another. Fred, a farmer’s son, and Elzo, a rancher’s daughter, came together to create a lasting legacy. It is through their love and caring that these relationships have spanned the decades and will continue into the future. “

Over our years in business we often ask ourselves what is the “Why” behind what we do as wedding photographers. Our “why” is simple. Our desire is to impact, inspire and uplift marriage. From the season of engagement to 65+ years of marriage, and all the areas in-between.

We believe that marriage needs to be celebrated! We believe marriage is ALWAYS worth fighting for and time invested in your marriage is NEVER a waste. We believe that love isn’t just a feeling but it is an action.

We asked Fred and Elzo to share with us words of wisdom for a successful and long-lasting marriage. These words they shared with us are pure gold and such great advice for all of us on behind them on the journey of marriage!

“Marriage is a growing experience, and must be rooted in love, forgiveness and respect for your spouses needs, feelings and actions. It can present you with many problems, but can also give great blessings and fulfillment and is a worthy goal. Your actions and word will determine it’s outcome. A value cannot be put on marriage. It is priceless and achieved by hard work and often sacrifice, but there is nothing more valuable than having someone to walk beside you in this world who is your best friend, your confidante and your lover. It is truly priceless.” – Fred and Elzo

We also want to give a HUGE shout out to Monica from Sarabeth Bridal who so graciously loaned us Elzo’s beautiful dress! We love you Monica!