Becky + Steve // Backyard Wedding // Eagle, Idaho Wedding Photographers

“I choose you.” Becky said, as she finished her vows and looked deeply into the eyes of her beloved. His eyes lovingly looked back deep into her gorgeous blue eyes. Hands tightly grasped they took in one another. No amount of words could describe the journeys that they had both taken to lead them right into this beautiful moment. Hand in hand and hearts as one.

From the moment we met with these two it was so evident that their love is so big. Becky has a smile that is absolutely beautiful and contagious. Steve seems to draw out all her best smiles and the best of her. He adores her. She adores him. When he saw her for the first time as she walked towards him down the aisle, she literally took his breath away.

We considered it such a privilege to photograph their beautiful wedding that took place in Becky’s backyard. Thank you both! We just love you two and wish you the absolute best walk hand in hand in all of our tomorrows!