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Abigail + Robbie // Little Bitterroot Lake // Marion, Montana

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There is so much to say about these two. We have known Abigail for years and when she introduced us to Robbie last year we just knew that so many adventures lay ahead of them. We definitely hoped that marriage was included in those adventures and were elated when we got the news that He asked and she said, “YES!”.

The way they love their people, each other and God. It’s a truly beautiful thing to witness. Their wedding reflected this in such a beautiful way. We absolutely loved having a front row seat to their meaningful and lovely wedding day!

Their wedding took place at Robbie’s home in Marion, Montana which backs up to the prettiest mountain lake you have ever seen! A home mind you that had been completely disassembled. Like into pieces. Thousands of boards, screws, light-fixtures and hardware just put in storage. Robbie bought the house, in pieces, and put it back together again. It sounds like our kid’s Lincoln Log and Lego dreams come true! 🙂 Can you even imagine?

When we think about the intense work and time that it took for Robbie to build this house, we think it is such a beautiful parallel to marriage. Marriage takes so much work and dedication. Not everything makes sense all the time. In fact it can be puzzling. There will be moments of frustration and maybe even times you want to quit. However, the investment of time spent building into your marriage will never be a waste. In fact, its one of the most important investments you can and will ever make!

A marriage built on a strong foundation will stand the test of time and trials. Just as a home can, it will provide a place of warmth and happiness. Because as the old saying says, “Home is where the heart is.” Which in Robbie and Abigail’s case means that their home is found in each other.

Abigail + Robbie, Thank you fro the bottom of our hearts for allowing us to capture your gorgeous day! We hope you inspire each other everyday to be better and we are confident that you will inspire others with your love. You already have inspired us! We can’t wait for many double dates in our future!! We love you both!

Rob + Laura

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