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The Cimbalik Family Adventures // Uganda Part IV

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The Farm // Planting Trees

So many of you helped us financially to raise money to plant an orchard in Uganda. Thank you! What an honor to be the ones that got to physically go and help plant them.

These trees will help to make Heart For Uganda’s farm become self-sustaining to allow them to train more farmers in the techniques of Farming God’s Way. Farm days quickly became some of our favorite days. We loved getting to work alongside some of the local Ugandans. They were always laughing at our kids as they complained about the sun, chased frogs and found awesome bugs.

Your support not only helped us buy the trees but you allowed us to hire about five people to help with the planting. (Thank goodness for them! They did the hard work of digging the holes in really hard ground!) This is really the important part because it is difficult to find work in Uganda, so giving these men a way to provide for their families was truly wonderful. Because let’s be honest, we didn’t travel all the way to Uganda just to plant some trees. Anyone could do that and they could probably do it a lot quicker and better than we could. We just came over with the excitement to see the project started! Yes, we planted over 200 trees while we were there but for us, what really matters, is the relationships that took root during our time there.

Below are some pictures of us on some of our farm days. We have more to post at another time. You all made this happen! All these little trees we planted are soaking in that hot Ugandan sun and digging their roots deep in the red soil preparing to bear fruit and be a blessing in the years to come. And it’s because of you all, making it happen. Thank you!

I love this quote that my Mom shared with me earlier this year by Robert H. Schuller,

“Anyone can count the seeds in an apple, but only God can count the number of apples in a seed.”

Only God knows the expanse of the blessing these trees will bring! That’s kind of a wonderful feeling.

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