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The Cimbalik Family Adventures // Uganda Part II

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The story that follows is a special one. Let’s rewind to the summer of 2008. Laura has just returned from Uganda. She was helping out with her churches youth group and was helping to lead a trip to a big summer music festival. Anyone who knows our story knows this is how we met.

Anyways, during one of the concerts Compassion International was there speaking on behalf of children in need. Rob really felt that he wanted to sponsor a child so he got up to go sign up for one. This made Laura’s heart swoon because she saw that he had a compassionate heart. When he got back from choosing his sponsored child Laura wanted to see who he had chosen. Much to Laura’s surprise and delight she saw that he had picked a little girl from Uganda. Not only that but she lived right in the same town that Laura had just spent two months serving in. This little seven year old girl may have even passed by Laura on the road while she was in a Busia. Some may think that that is a coincidence but we think it’s God. Only God could orchestrate something so precise and beautiful.  Also, pretty sure Laura was convinced she was going to marry Rob right then in that moment. Rob knew that Laura had just returned from Africa but didn’t know the country and definitely not the town. Ever since we were together we have been planning on going back to Uganda and meeting our sweet, Recheal.

As we were preparing for our visit we realized that March 11th was Recheal’s 18th birthday. We couldn’t have planned it anymore perfect!!  We were so excited to make this a birthday she wouldn’t forget! Below are the pictures that tell the story of that beautiful day.

Meet the beautiful, Recheal. Here she is on the piece of land that she has prepared and planted for the upcoming rainy season.

Kaya really liked Recheal and that of course made her so happy.

First we visited the local Compassion project to meet with the leaders that have been overseeing Recheal’s education and support. They had this big playground that our kids were excited to play on. As you can see they quickly became the main attraction. Many of these kids have never seen a Muzungu (white person) and especially not little Muzungus.

We then traveled to Recheal’s home. We were met with dancing. Even JaJa (Grandma) Mary couldn’t keep from dancing. It was a beautiful thing to behold, all of their beautiful smiles and open hearts. They treated us like royalty.

They had this beautiful cake made to celebrate Recheal’s birthday!

Recheal wanted the kids to help her cut the cake.

We never let our kids have soda and rarely have sugar, actually. But they were so excited to offer us sodas, how could we refuse?

Our family has expanded!

This is Recheal’s immediate family. Her parents, Daniel and Christine, JaJa Mary, her four brothers named, Jeff, Daniel, Sunday, and Emmanuel and a sister, Suzan.

This is their extended family comsisting of uncles and their families.

The kids were so excited to see their farm animals.

Laura loved JaJa Mary. JaJa was taking Laura to see her home which is on the same property as Recheal’s family. Recheal actually lives with her JaJa.

Recheal and Suzan.

We then visited Lake Victoria. It was beautiful and we could see Kenya across the lake.

This is the view right from the Compassion’s Project.


It all began with these two. So happy that all those years ago, Rob picked Recheal from the hundreds of children that he could have chosen. We will treasure this day for ever.



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