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The Cimbalik Family Adventures // Uganda Part I

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Hello Friends!! So sorry it’s been so long since we have been in touch. Internet has been difficult for us to find. But we have so much to share with you!!

So much has happened since we departed on the 4th of March. We are all well and thriving here in Uganda. Our days have been filled to the brim with so much joy, excitement and lots of sunshine!!

Everlyn and Gerald. Laura knew both of these two from her time working at New Hope orphanage almost 11 years ago.

This is the Farmer’s Market in Jinja. There were lots of Muzungus. That is another name for white people.

This is the coffee shop that our friends, The Ostermann’s own.

We loved getting our Ugandan friends snow cones. It’s the closest thing that we have found to explain what snow is like in Idaho.

My dear friend Everlyn. She has blessed us so much as we have been living here. She has been such a help as we navigate cooking Ugandan food, washing clothes by hand and shopping at the local market. We love her!!

Meet Carol, one of our sponsored children from New Hope. We loved seeing her again and meeting her family.

Carol took us to the place where they get water. It was wonderful to see where she lives but also very humbling.

The place where the village gets their water.

This is Carol and her family’s home. The beautiful woman in the doorway is Carol’s mom, Eunice. Eunice has a lame leg which makes it almost impossible for her to work so Carol supports her whole family.

These lovely ladies are Saumu, Carols daughter, Carol, Ruth which is Carol’s sister and Eunice, Carol’s mom. Carol supports her whole family on less than a dollar a day that she earns walking from 6 am to 6 pm selling vegetables on the side of the road.

We headed off to meet Gerald and Everlyn’s family. On our way we found their brother, Vincent. As you can see Carter was thrilled to not have to walk in the hot sun anymore.

Here is Gerald’s and Everlyn’s lovely family!! This is a family blended by love and made possible by that beautiful woman in the back row. She already had five children but when Gerald, Everlyn and their two brothers experienced the heartbreaking reality of losing their father to poisoning and having their mother abandon them, Aunt Jennifer opened her home and heart to these precious people and in turn created the happiest family we have ever met.

Dorcas, Laura, Everlyn and Aunt Jennifer. Dorcas was also one of the children who Laura built a friendship with at New Hope in 2008

Dorcas with her baby, Israel.

We love these red roads of Uganda.

Gerald cooks the Chapati for his aunts restaurant. Chapati is like a thick greasy tortilla and it is a very common food in Uganda. Gerald makes the best Chapati ever!

Asman and Kaya. Asman was 8 when Laura knew him. He has grown into a young man!

Vincent and Carter

Kaya loves all the babies. Even if they are practically as big as she is. This is inside Aunt Jennifer’s restaurant.

This is just a small taste of what we have been up to. We can’t wait to share more. Thank you all for your love, prayer and support from afar! We love you all!!

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