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The Cimbalik Family Adventures // One Week Left

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Robby’s Artwork

The Cimbalik Family Adventures // One Week Left


It’s so hard to believe that at this time, next week we will only have one more sleep until we wake up and embark on the biggest adventure we have ever taken as a family. I can imagine that it will be hard for everyone to fall asleep. I’m sure we will all be like kids on Christmas Eve!!

For those of you who aren’t sure what I’m talking about, that’s okay!  We are taking our whole family on a trip to the beautiful country of Uganda! You can visit HERE to read more about what we will be doing and those fun details.

Anyways, back to the fact that this is the biggest adventure we have ever tackled. We have driven  all the way to Mexico when we took the youth group down for a mission’s trip. But that was in a car, with several rest stops and bathroom breaks where we could all run off some energy.

This will be different. This is on an airplane. In the air. For 30 hours! Is it weird that I am kinda looking forward to the flights? I think we are ready for the challenge and know that it will be worth it! And it’s JUST 30 hours. 😉  I’m just so excited to see so many new things and make so many memories with the people I love the most. Of course I know the trip there will not be perfect. There will probably be a fair share of meltdowns, not to mention from the kids. 😉 I’m praying for an abundant amount of patience and grace as we navigate four different countries in a 30 hour span.

Art Collaboration by Rob, Laura and Robby.

Lots of Preparation


This weekend was super productive. We are pretty much all packed. And thanks to vacuum seal bags we were able to squeeze pretty much all our stuff in one 50 pound bag. We are trying to pack as lightly as possible for a couple different reasons.

One, there are not very many hands that can carry luggage between us and we want to have a hand for each of our boys to hold (Kaya will be snuggled close to dad in a carrier). And two, we are excited to bring over gifts and other needed items for the several different missionaries that are serving in Uganda.

So anyway, this week we were able to cross of many items on our list. Checking off my “To Do” list makes me so happy!!

One of the ways we are preparing is trying to help the kids wrap their heads around what we will be doing and what Uganda will be like. We spent the afternoon doing Uganda themed drawings and it was so fun to see what Robby drew. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as we enjoyed coloring them!

I’m going to do my very best to keep everyone updated here. Keep checking in to hear the latest as we embark on this journey!!

Art Collaboration by Rob, Laura and Robby.

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