Kaitlin + Hayden // Engagement Session // Idaho Mountains

Sometimes at the end of our engagement sessions we get completely blown away by the prettiest of sunsets! When this happens, Laura goes a bit trigger happy and can’t stop taking pictures! But who could blame us!? That sunset and this couple took our breath away!

But seriously, all the credit goes to these two! Do you see that romantic wind showing up in Kaitlin’s hair and her gorgeous flowy dress? Making them look like they are in a Hallmark movie? Well, it may look amazing but that is ONLY because these two endured some hurricane speed winds and chilling temps. Well, maybe not quite hurricane winds but when you are literally on top of a mountain and you can hear the wind coming, all you can do is hold on tightly to each other and hope for the best!

We are continuously grateful for our couples who are willing to adventure with us rain or shine, wind or calm, mosquito swarms or snow, hot or cold, smokey or clear. When they embrace the environment that surrounds them it always makes for epic and unique pictures!!

Kaitlin and Hayden! How fun it was to get to know you both better on top of Idaho’s beautiful mountains! We loved laughing and freezing our buns off with you! What a wonderful way to spend the evening knowing that in exactly one year we will watch you both get married!! Till next year!