Molly + Ruben // Private Residence // Melba, Idaho

These two were originally planning on getting married in early May before COVID changed their plans. Even though they had to go through the stress of postponing and replanning their wedding we are so happy that they were able to finally pull it off and tie the knot!

We were so excited to watch Ruben and Molly’s love story unfold. It’s always so special to have such a special part in our friend’s weddings. Molly and Laura grew up in the same circle in Cascade and Laura has loved getting to know Molly over the years.

Their wedding was beautiful and so meaningful. It was a beautiful thing to see the blending of two families coming together and the love that they all have for one another. One of our favorite parts of their ceremony was when all five members of the family participated in a unity sand pouring.

Molly and Ruben, we know this year hasn’t been easy getting to this point but we are just so excited for you as you finally get to begin this exciting adventure of marriage! We wish you the absolute best and know that so many great things are in store for you all!!

Much Love!