Sophie // High School Senior // McCall, Idaho

Sophie // High School Senior // McCall, Idaho

Sophie has some serious style. She created so many versatile outfits. Each one helped to bring out different parts of her personality. From an independent rocker chick to an elegant lady of the lake, Sophie owned each look. I loved the vision she had for her senior shoot. It was very artistic and creative. This gave us permission to have fun and try fun new angles and poses.

McCall, as always provided such a beautiful backdrop to play in. The fact that we get to live up here still amazes me. I hope we never take it for granted.

If you are a high school senior, we hope that these images bring you some inspiration as you plan your senior shoot. Our best tip is to make it your own and be original. This is such an awesome and pivotal point in your life. Make sure it represents you as you are right now and brings out the best version of yourself.



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